For Employees Who Must Work In Darkness:

Listening to Tragedy Stories Puts New Light on the Safety Apparel they REALLY Need!
It hurts to think of the loss of life and the pain of the family members of those who were killed or injured on a job, simply because someone could not see them.

We’ve been on a journey talking with people across multiple industries and listening to their tragic stories.

A highway patrolman stood solemnly at the memorial where plaques display names of fallen officers. His voice cracked and tears welled in his eyes as he described his friend being struck and killed by a driver who could not see him directing traffic in bad weather.

Can you imagine witnessing this? A delivery truck backing into a warehouse to offload packages didn’t see the employee behind the truck. The driver of the truck ended up pinning the unseen employee against the warehouse wall.

One mining operations manager said he chokes up every time he remembers what happened. On a mining job site, the miners were doing their job, all wearing their mandated reflective tape safety vests. At the end of the day towards dusk, a large piece of equipment didn’t see three employees right in front of him and flattened the employees in front of 20 of their colleagues. The horror of watching your co-workers being crushed to death and not being able to stop it. That’s a burden no one should carry.

We learned there are more deaths in the tow truck industry than in Caltrans, California Highway Patrol and LA Metro combined. Tow truck drivers are not being seen. As a result they are being struck and killed at an alarming rate.

A union laborer shared a story of a young man, just starting out in life. He was hired on a highway construction project working at night on the interstate. An oncoming motorist who didn’t see him while he worked struck and killed him instantly. His brief life snuffed out far too early.

Injuries such as severed limbs, lost fingers, and decapitations occur in recycling and waste management because people cannot be seen clearly over the equipment or due to poor lighting. What if you had to go into work every day with the risk of losing a body part? These are not ideal conditions. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Think of the loss of life, the painful recoveries from injuries, the changed lives and the pain of the family members of those who were killed and injured.  They are all life altering tragedies.

It doesn’t have to be this way.