There IS a Solution!
There is a solution to the problems of:

  • Being “invisible” working in pitch darkness
  • Not being seen at a distance, until it’s too late
  • And simply not being recognized as a human being.

A Higher Level of Safety.
Thank goodness, today, we can choose a higher level of safety to provide what’s REALLY needed:

  • Early recognition of the human form
  • Visibility of human form from a distance, and
  • Improved visibility of humans working in darkness.

Available to Everyone.
Today, a “Patented Human Silhouette-Light Recognition Design” on ANSI-compliant safety apparel delivers each one of these REAL needs, and it is available to everyone.  Who is providing this human silhouette-light?  It is “SILHOLIGHT”, a company committed to developing products “for protecting and enhancing life”, who coined their name from the life-saving designs they are now sharing worldwide.

Main Features: SILHOLIGHT ANSI Class 3 Safety Vest

  • ANSI Standard Compliant
  • SILHOLIGHT’s Patented Human Silhouette-Light Recognition Design
  • Featherweight and flexible Electro-Luminescent (EL) wire woven into apparel, emitting 360° illumination heat-free, with solid mode and blink mode settings
  • EL wire life approx. 5,000 hours
  • Visible from over 100 yards
  • Powered by AA battery power source
  • Battery level indicator light